Magz Gramercy Magnetic Neck Hanging Blue Light Filter Glasses Crystal Smoke Grey


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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Custom Lenses of your power choice, precision cut by our on-site 30+ Year MASTER OPTICIAN
    Blue light blocking glasses may ease digital eye strain
  • Excess device usage may lead to computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Glasses with blue light filtering technology may enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, resulting in making your eyes feel less tired and improving productivity. Another way to reduce eye strain is to make sure you take regular breaks from the screen.
    You may sleep better using blue-light blocking glasses
  • One of the more surprising impacts of exposure to screens is the potential to negatively affect sleep patterns. Blue light has a high energy frequency that may increase alertness and delay the body's release of melatonin, which helps induce sleep. In general, we should all avoid using blue-light devices one to two hours before sleep. Blue-light blocking glasses may reduce the impact blue light, enabling you to use your devices before bed and still get a good night's sleep. However, the best option is to put the screen down before it's time for bed.
    May decrease your risk of macular degeneration, reduce glare, and increase the clarity of your vision.
  • AMD is a leading cause of blindness. Blue-light blocking lenses may help avoid or delay this condition by preventing blue light from impacting your eyes.
  • Tired of breaking and losing your readers?

    Want glasses that stay put and let you read - even while reclining on fluffy pillows?

    Magz originally developed their unique Snap It™ magnetic earpieces and flex fit frames for athletes to keep glasses in place during aggressive activity.

    As you take a look at the pictures you’ll see how the high-end Calabria frames are both stylish and fun, and still feature the unique Magz magnetic Click It™ earpieces (making your Magz kind of like super-readers in disguise).

    The Calabria frames flex and bend with spring-loaded temples that fit any size and shape. So your Magz will always stay comfortably in place no matter what you’re doing.

    And, unlike magnetic readers with the classic rigid neck-loop, Magz gently hug your head so you can wear hoodies, collared shirts, or even recline against airline chairs - all without your readers pushing up, or away from your face and distorting your view.

    So no more broken frames, no more lost glasses, and no need for multiple readers in each room…

    Slip on a pair of Magz and see what you’ve been missing with these easy readers that stay put (and look great doing it).


    • No More Lost Readers: Magz customers report how happy they are to stop losing their readers; the unique locking earpieces let your Magz cheaters hang comfortably around your neck when not in use, and then slide into perfect reading position, so no more broken frames and no need for multiple glasses in each room
    • Flexible No-Push Design: Unlike classic rigid neck-loop designs, Magz uses flexible frames that let you wear hoodies, collared shirts, and even long hair without pushing on your glasses and distorting your view; In fact, happy customers rave about being able to recline and read (without glasses pushing away from their face), so now you can read on plans, in cars, and in bed with fluffy pillows - without discomfort and without breaking hard plastic neck-loops
    • Calabria Style Comfort Frames: Magz patent-pending temples were designed to stay firmly in place while playing sports (making your Magz kind of like ‘super-readers’ in disguise); The unique spring-loaded temples hug and expand naturally - without headache-causing tension - in fact, most customers forget they're on, making Magz perfect those who want comfy reading glasses that look great, and stay put
    • Clear View Reader Lenses: Beyond the convenience of Magz Snap-It system, these Magnification readers also have crystal clear lenses that deliver a bright magnified image to your eyes

    • Frame Width 5.4" Lens Height 1.6"
    • Dimensions (MM): 50-19-205


Product Type:
Blue Light Filter Glasses
Frame Size:
Frame Shape:
Frame Style:
Full Rim
Frame Material:
Lens Width:
Lens Height:
Frame Width:
Temple Length:
Bridge Width:
Color Tone:
Frame Color:
Crystal Smoke Grey
Lens Color:

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